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Fentanyl Facts and Awareness

As we all know there is a lot going on in our city of Wichita Falls, Tx.

A lot of people have reached out to our Crime Stoppers program and asked if there is anything we can do to help get information out to the masses. This gave our organization an opportunity to put in place our Safe School Program that we had just created.

The Safe School Program is a free year-round one-stop center for all aspects of school safety. It works to keep schools safe by creating a proactive dialogue with students, school staff, and law enforcement about personal and school safety. The program provides students with a safe and anonymous way to report crime and potential dangers on campus. Our goal is to effectively adapt to the ever-changing problems or safety issues presented to students on a daily basis.

This approach allows officers to speak from first-hand experience to students or people within our community about a wide range of topics that comes up across the country or in our city. Crime Stoppers can quickly adapt to new information being provided and present the information in a quick and informative manner. Below is a simple informative flyer that can easily be understood and applied if need be.

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